Monday, November 06, 2006

happy and unique!

[Disclaimer; this is a matter of opinion and is in no way, shape or form modest. I'm usually not this vain.]

So many good things happened today. For starters... I was told, bluntly, how special I am by one of my treasured friends. Bill. He made me realize how amazing I must be. =] Hehe. The fact that the person who loves me, does, given the circumstances is absoultely incredible. Seriously. I must be flippin amazing- I fail to actually see this, but that's not the point.

I had a... pleasant... chat with my band today. Well, it wasn't very happy, but we have a plan- which is good. I hate being the one who tells bad news. But it feels good to get it all cleaned up.

I was mad at my photo teacher for not giving us our marks. Actually furious. So mad that I almost stomped out. But I didn't. And to my surprize, the hardnut, sarcastic, opinionated (other)photo teacher caught me after class and told be that he 'really liked my work'. Well I was chuffed. =] Then he went on (as they do) for a while about how good it is. =] He said "We'd be failing you if we gave you anything less than an A*". GOD! AMAZING! FANTASTIC. heheheheheheheheheh. YAYAYAYAYAY

ALSSSOOOOOO Although the visability was really poor, I took my Vespa out for a ride. =] He is so eagar i just love him!

AND! Tomorrow I'm probably going into wsm to meet up with Gary- should be another good day. Can't wait!!!!

Sorry, I don't have a photo for you- my laptop is being incredibly lame. =] ILU!

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Friday, November 03, 2006

new new new!

So much fun new stuff happening. New romances starting. Old ones, that were well overdue to end, ending and problems starting and finishing. It's just a world of happy little change. My band is bothering me. It's just being a bit of a poo. No one seems to be putting in the right amount of effort and we are all hit and miss with our moods. Harri is so (MULTI!) talented it hurts to see her losing the plot.
These photos were taken in May 2006 and I just love them. They show how much she just loves what she is. And how her music is portrayed through that lovely orange (pete townshend!) guitar. I really do love her. And no matter what- She'll be famous.
Lighter news- New spiffy title banner thing! Hope you like!

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Thursday, November 02, 2006

I'm 16 now!

There are so many things I can do now that I'm 16. And so many things I've already done! I feel like I've grown up so much! Okay- some news! 1. I am/was published in 'The Mirror Project' here. 2. I met with the Bristol Mods! They are amazing people and I was fortunate enough to have them 'round my house. (Pancakes do it everytime =]) It was for my photography project! I'm really nervous because we get our grades on Monday! For the full shoot you can go here. But here is a taster!
Overall, my birthday was sucessful. The Outtakes played a fun set at our local pub- and I felt like a propa Keith Moon. I wish we had had a bit more of a better set... idk. Harri and I will figure that out soon. I am getting a Vespa!!!!! Which arrives on Saturday- so I'm out of my head with excitment. Let's hope I don't fall off =].

My appoligies for not blogging latley. Im going to try and keep it up a bit more, I need some more comments, I know I get people looking and asking. Lol!

I can't possibly post everything that has happened lately. Here are a few things, I just have to share with you!

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It's Devotion;


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