Thursday, November 02, 2006

I'm 16 now!

There are so many things I can do now that I'm 16. And so many things I've already done! I feel like I've grown up so much! Okay- some news! 1. I am/was published in 'The Mirror Project' here. 2. I met with the Bristol Mods! They are amazing people and I was fortunate enough to have them 'round my house. (Pancakes do it everytime =]) It was for my photography project! I'm really nervous because we get our grades on Monday! For the full shoot you can go here. But here is a taster!
Overall, my birthday was sucessful. The Outtakes played a fun set at our local pub- and I felt like a propa Keith Moon. I wish we had had a bit more of a better set... idk. Harri and I will figure that out soon. I am getting a Vespa!!!!! Which arrives on Saturday- so I'm out of my head with excitment. Let's hope I don't fall off =].

My appoligies for not blogging latley. Im going to try and keep it up a bit more, I need some more comments, I know I get people looking and asking. Lol!

I can't possibly post everything that has happened lately. Here are a few things, I just have to share with you!

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It's Devotion;


It's Sound;

I'm diggin;
The Redwalls
Northern Soul

It's Love;