Sunday, July 30, 2006


So, i never understood how people liked babies. XD that is so shallow. anyway. this is just quick and now understand. they are so dang cute! i'm 15 and i have a dose of baby fever. help me. XD

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Saturday, July 29, 2006

stop pretending.

today has been insane. Got alot done. Just setting up stuff for a friend from america to come over and spend and AMAZING week with me. He must be insane, traveling half way around the world just to see me. gah. you will TOTALLY see fun fun fun photos when he is here! I am just bubbling with ideas today! New page i made. tottttalllyyyyyyyy love it. mega crazy-me. [just my ipood being a muffle.] And my dad got a new haircut! No more combover!!!!!!! he looks like a mod! Yay for mops. I need to take some photos. day=9outta10.

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Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Bulldogs and Englishmen .002

[the first is just below; continue]

thirdly; new scrappage!

anyone know how to get your scrap pages into the computer with out a 12x12 scanner?

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Bulldogs and Englishmen .001

First off; some photos my dear friend Lucie Cameron took of me early this month, that I just got from her a few days ago;

And second, I went into Weston-Super-Mare today with Oscar and Staaacey. We came across this lovely little bookstore and ventured in;

we then headed out to the pier;

[i am having trouble with the blogs. -kills- so it's spilt. sorry]

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Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Goodnight, Goodnight.

Lately I've been recovering from a breakup. Been kinda confused and wandering around, thinking about stuff. And I've decided that I'm happy with who I am. I'm not the prettiest. And I’m not the smartest, or the funniest. Or any of that. But I'm happy with my life. My amazing friends and supportive parents. I love creating and laughing. I've also decided that I really want to be able to do what I love, where I love it and how I love it. So, when I've finished with school, and Sixthform and Uni; imma open up a scrapbook store and do my photography out of it there.
Why 'Face the Face'?;
Simple, because it's mod. I am the Face here in my small neighbourhood, and scene. And I want people to challenge and talk to me. Face it. I'm pretty lush. XD (it's a face, x=eyes d=mouth. get used to it. i use it alot)
I have just posted some things on MDW’s message board (page postings), and killerxkimxphotography is almost completely finished. It’s up, it’s just here and there.
Also, I am planning to be away from the computer for the majority of Aug. To see my full calendar go to my killerxkim myspace. [under general in a drop down box].
I always love feedback on my work.
p.s. amazing cousin, James Stewart, has let me design one of those tacky logos for a moblie phone service provider he 'manages' in Aussie. So far this is what i've got. Anyone know if there is a law on getting people's permission on having thier photo taken?

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It's Devotion;


It's Sound;

I'm diggin;
The Redwalls
Northern Soul

It's Love;