Saturday, July 29, 2006

stop pretending.

today has been insane. Got alot done. Just setting up stuff for a friend from america to come over and spend and AMAZING week with me. He must be insane, traveling half way around the world just to see me. gah. you will TOTALLY see fun fun fun photos when he is here! I am just bubbling with ideas today! New page i made. tottttalllyyyyyyyy love it. mega crazy-me. [just my ipood being a muffle.] And my dad got a new haircut! No more combover!!!!!!! he looks like a mod! Yay for mops. I need to take some photos. day=9outta10.

Posted by Kim Smith @ 3:58 PM

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Hey Kim, Where did you get the sgnature for your photos? I've thought about doing that for a while and I like that your fonts are original looking....if you can email me using the link in "my complete profile" on my blog, i'd LOVE it. Thanks!


Posted by Blogger Rachel @ 2:54 AM #
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