Friday, November 03, 2006

new new new!

So much fun new stuff happening. New romances starting. Old ones, that were well overdue to end, ending and problems starting and finishing. It's just a world of happy little change. My band is bothering me. It's just being a bit of a poo. No one seems to be putting in the right amount of effort and we are all hit and miss with our moods. Harri is so (MULTI!) talented it hurts to see her losing the plot.
These photos were taken in May 2006 and I just love them. They show how much she just loves what she is. And how her music is portrayed through that lovely orange (pete townshend!) guitar. I really do love her. And no matter what- She'll be famous.
Lighter news- New spiffy title banner thing! Hope you like!

Posted by Kim Smith @ 11:08 AM

It's Devotion;


It's Sound;

I'm diggin;
The Redwalls
Northern Soul

It's Love;