Sunday, August 06, 2006

tightly undone;

a few days of insane fun. Sean is amazing. And i tried to show him how mental my friends can be. Kiddies round abouts and balloons and fans. I have a week before i go to america and i'm slightly nervous. time to de-tox. get ready and scrap these photos like mad. cause then it's two weeks of more fun. i'm not sure what i want to do with the balloon photos yet. They rock, with it all contrast-ey and stuff. -shrug- we'll see.

Posted by Kim Smith @ 5:18 AM

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wow jack likes MCR?!?!

looked like a fun night.

hope u had a gd day toodle-oo!!

jade xx

Posted by Blogger Jade W @ 7:29 AM #

Thanks for stopping by my blog - appreciate your comment. : )
Love the high contrast balloon photos - really cool.

Posted by Blogger Tracy @ 6:09 PM #
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